Scout and Guide Method for adults

What is the Method? The word “method” may have different meanings. It is the way one behaves, the process to reach a goal or to solve a problem. It is the adopted attitude. J.E. Russel, quoted by R. Baden Powell in the book “Aids to scoutmasterhip”, writes: «The most astonishing aspect is not the scout/guide activities but the method: an almost ideal method to lead kids systematically to do the right thing and get the right attitude. The four key-features of the scout/guide method are: character, health and physical strength, hand skill and service to the neighbour, “essential points for the social life that are developed from inside, rather than from outside” (B.P., A guidebook for Scoutmasters, part I, on the Theory of Scout Training). In this handbook we will focus on these four topics, wondering how they can be read considering the adult world and how much they are relevant for the definition of a method.

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