Election 2020: Let’s promote peace – Prosper Bani

The National President of the Scout and Guide Fellowship, Ghana (SGF-Gh), Mr Prosper Bani has stressed on the need for Ghanaians to continue to promote peace as the country prepares for the upcoming General elections.

Ghana, he said is a very peaceful country and we the citizens are known for how hospitable we are, so as we prepare for another general election next year, it is best we continue to promote peaceful coexistence.

“Let us keep comporting ourselves before, during and after the general elections so that there will be no bloodshed, because, without peace, there can never be any form of development.”

The former chief of staff made the assertion at the Fellowship’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Accra over the weekend.

It brought together members of the Fellowship from across the country to deliberate on issues concerning the group and how SGF-Ghana could contribute towards the promotion of peace in the country especially during the elections.

Mr Bani assured that SGF-Ghana would contribute its quota towards a violence free election, development of the country and instill the spirit of patriotism among the citizenry.

He further expressed gratitude to members of the fellowship for their selflessness and commitment, adding that their efforts would surely pay off one day.

Touching on some challenges of his outfit, he said the lack of resources to run activities and the lack of interest by the public to join the fellowship was a major concern.

He therefore called on Ghanaians to visit the website of ISGF-Ghana, read about it and join, since its core mandate was promoting peace, discipline and instilling the spirit of patriotism in the public.

“We are promoting a very good course so I entreat members of the public to come and join ISGF-Ghana so that together we can affect lives positively and also promote development in the country,” he added.

On her part, Chief commissioner of the Ghana Girls Guide, Mrs Zakia underscored the need for various Scouts and Guides Fellowships (SGFs) in the country to be united, saying, togetherness promotes success.

She also advised members of SGFs across the country and beyond, to live exemplary lives to attract people to join their groups.

“Living lives worth emulation will also make people want to associate themselves with you, thereby increasing our numbers so let us do all we can to live honourable lives,” she advised.

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