Report on free Health Screening organized by the Scouts and Guides Fellowship Ghana

The Scouts and Guides Fellowship Ghana (SGF – Gh) organized a free health screening at the Laboma Beach Resort in Accra, as part of it’s community outreach initiatives mainly to care for the venders and workers of the resort after a stressful weekend due to the packed up Christmas activities at the beach and also for members of the Fellowship.

Event Setup:

The day began with members of the Fellowship and the medical team setting up the health screening venue at Resort, ensuring a well-organized and accessible area for the health screening activities.

While the set up was on going, some members proactively visited all the business centers within the beach and engaged with workers and guests, spreading awareness about the upcoming health screening event.

This proactive approach helped maximize the participation of individuals seeking health assistance.

Health Screening Timeline:

The health screening officially commenced at 12:30 pm, providing an extensive window of time for attendees, even though the event was scheduled to start at an earlier time.

The late commencement allowed for a steady flow of participants throughout the afternoon.

The event concluded at 17:00 hours, ensuring that attendees had ample time to receive thorough health assessments.


A total of eighty (80) individuals benefitted from the health screening services. The screening process was not only comprehensive but also involved the administration of medications to those in need.

The medical team screened for hepatitis B, Blood Sugar, Malaria and Hypertension.

The recorded success of eighty successfully screened individuals reflects the positive impact of the Scouts and Guides Fellowship Ghana’s efforts in providing healthcare services to the community.


The free health screening was a resounding success. Through meticulous planning, effective community outreach, and dedicated screening efforts, the Fellowship demonstrated their commitment to improving the well-being of the community.

This event not only showcased the Fellowship’s organizational skills but also highlighted the positive influence they can have on public health within the community.




Date: Saturday, January 6, 2024.

Venue: Laboma Beach Resort, Accra