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Ghana as a constitutionally Democratic country since 1992 has held several elections successfully and power has changed hands from different governments. Remarkable fate the country chocked was in 2012, when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) took an election partition to the Ghanaian Supreme Court, praying it to overturn the results and declare the elections null ….  Read More


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Finances, fundraising, economics is only a mean to achieve our mission, our vision and our goals. Therefore, always have this in mind working with finances in ISGF. The main question in all financial matters is a question of responsibility. All our activities in our fellowship are based on the scout law and promise. However, we ….  Read More

Emergency Assistance

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Watching the news from around the world, we realize that we must be prepared to react to the catastrophes that happen all time in different parts of the world.Civil Defense is not only the responsibility of the Government Organizations or the Public Authorities, it’s the duty of all members of society to support it. download ….  Read More

Book of Projects

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All over the world, ISGF members had, have and plan many projects to develop their Members, Scouting and Guiding and the community..This small “Book of Projects” is a very important tool from all of us members of ISGF.What an enormous diversity of projects, examples of the activities of our members all over the world complementing ….  Read More